Friday, February 8, 2013

Gemstones, Diamonds and Gold

  I'm still on Facebook until they censor us again, or until we find a better alternative that supports the American way of freedom and free speech. I put together the Gem Hunter website to provide prospectors information on what is out there, how to find it, and what it looks like. Hopefully it will be helpful. If you are looking for more information, I have several blogspots (nope, not making money on any of these). For example I have blogspots on gemstones, diamondsgoldjade, jasper, ruby, rock hounding, how to operate an old fashion gold pan without the need for wifi, and information on some nearby deposits such as South Pass, Rattlesnake Hills, opal, and the Seminoe Mountains or where to find that Mountain of Gold. You can find information on many of these and other blogs on my GemHunter site's bibliography, on wiki, and similar sites. You don't need to thank me, just send money.

        And check out these great books on finding gold, diamonds, minerals and rocks.

        Learn how and where to find gemstones, diamonds & gold using a little geology.

Ezekiel 28:13

Multi-colored jasper from Tin Cup, Wyoming

Jasper breccia, Tin Cup

One of my favorites - I heard about jade replacing quartz in the Granite Mountains, but wasn't too sure this
legend was true. Well, it turned out to be true. I recovered several specimens of hexagonal jade in the Tin Cup area.
The jade took on the crystal habit of quartz as it replaced the former mineral one atom at a time.

Found this (the ruby not the quarter) in the Red Dwarf ruby deposit near Tin Cup, Wyoming.
The ruby is surrounded by zoisite (the same mineral as Tanzanite).

Ain't she pretty? A beautiful pigeon-blood reddish purple ruby collected from Red Dwarf near Tin Cup, Wyoming. The ruby is partially replaced by emerald green zoisite (aka Wyoming Tanzanite) and both are enclosed by fuchsite-chlorite schist.

Nice white sapphire from area west of Tin Cup in the Granite Mountains
Wyoming. Always check to see what is inside a nodule.

I found it! This prospect is filled with jasper. I was able to follow the jasperized vein on the surface for several hundred feet
showing there is a very sizable resource of jasper sitting on the surface in this area. Some people asked me what the
Wyoming Geological Survey gave me for all of my discoveries - well they got the gold mine and I got the shaft. In 2004,
the new State Geologist stepped into office and soon the place was like a Appalachian Hillbilly agency with all
of his friends and even some relatives (and a couple of communists) hired to replace highly qualified people.